Monday, September 02, 2002

RAF Museum Beaufort - true identity revealed

Some information has recently come to light about the true identities of each section of the Beaufort on display at the RAF Museum, at Hendon, UK. The data plates of the Beaufort at RAF Museum Hendon have recently been examined, giving the following information:

Forward Fuselage (cockpit section) - serial FF559 dated 4-9-43 (from A9-557, but see other news item)
Rear Fuselage - serial RF557 dated 26-10-43 (from A9-559)
Stern Fuselage - (tail section) - serial SF478 dated 20-7-43 (from A9-478)
Centre Section - (wing root) - serial CR591 dated 14-9-43 (possibly from A9-593)

All of these sections were recovered from Papa New Guinea in the 1970's and transported to Chino, California. The aircraft was rebuilt from restored sections, with no internal fittings, painted in RAF markings and delivered to the RAF Museum in 1991.

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