Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bristol Fighters disperse

At two UK air displays in 2006, spectators were treated to the sight of three Bristol Fighters in formation. In addition to the Shuttleworths F2B (G-AEPH), The Fighter Collections F2B (G-ACAA) returned to the air in the summer of 2006 and the Historic Aircraft Collections F2B (G-AANM) flew for the first time after a long restoration on 25th May 2006.

The rare sight of three Brisfits in formation, by Ollie Holmes

Now the UK airworthy F2B populatation is back to one. The Fighter Collections F2B has been sold to New Zealand collector Peter Jackson. Peter also owns a Ranger-powered F2B reproduction, and a Fighter restoration project, all based at Omaka. The Historic Aircraft Collections F2B has now gone to the Canada Aviation Museum at Rockcliffe, Ontatio, in exchange for a potentially airworthy Heinkel He-162, and a number of rare engines.

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